1. You can download the installer at if you have not done so already.  Insure you DO NOT change the file name when downloading.  Once the download completes, double click the install icon to begin the installation process.

    a. Choose “Yes” to allow the app to make changes:

b. Choose “Yes” to allow the app to make changes:

c. Review the license agreement and choose “I accept the agreement” and “Next” to proceed:

d. Choose your preferred install location, or go with default, and choose “Next”:

e. Choose program access choice. Default value of “Anyone who uses this computer” is the preferred choice:

f. Review choices and hit "Install":

g. Monitor install:

h. Make sure “Launch BackItHere!ACB” is checked and click on “Finish”:

2.  Sign Up

a. Choose "yes" to allow the app to make changes:

b. Choose "Free Trial":

c. Enter information as requested and click "OK":

3. Create Backup Set

a. Click "Backup Sets":

b. Click "+" to add new backup set:

c. Define backup set name and choose backup set type (default values are recommended unless making multiple or specific backup sets. Additional licensing may be required).  Once defined, click “Next”:

d. Choose pre-defined folders, apply any desired filters (advanced users only), and (optionally) click on “I would like to choose the files to backup” to choose specific files/folders/drives as desired:

e. When choosing “I would like to choose the files to backup”, continue to choose the desired folders. If you wish to choose specific files, check the box “Show files”:

f. Once chosen, click "OK":

g. Once data is chosen, click "Next":

h. Turn on the scheduler:

i. Click the "+" sign to add new schedule:

j. Name the schedule, select type, start time, stop option and recommend checking “Run Retention Policy after backup”. Click “OK” once finished:

k. Click "Next" once the schedule has been set:

k. Click "Next" once the schedule has been set:

l. Select Storage Destination:

m. Recommend defaults of “Single storage destination” and destination storage of “BackItHere!CBS”, then click “OK”:

n. Click "Next":

o. Recommend default setting that leaves OpenDirect off, click "Next":

p. Recommend default encryption settings. Click "Next":

q. Confirm encryption password. NOTE: this is REQUIRED for any restore!

r. Confirm computer login information and click "Next":

NOTE: A password is REQUIRED for your computer.  You will need to insure you have one set before preceding to the next step.

s. Confirmed! Click "Close" and repeat the process for any additional backup sets needed.