Risks of Data Loss

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is the biggest threat to the proper operation of public and private organizations. It can deprive businesses of their precious resources and inflict immense financial damage on them. The quickest method to get back your mission critical files after a ransomware attack is to restore from a recent backup. Therefore, after regularly backing up your data with BackItHere!, you got extra protection and no ransomware can threaten you.


Accidental Deletion

Human error is one of the most common causes for online and offline data losses, especially if there is not a proper backup mechanism in place. Accidental deletion of the wrong files can prove to be very costly if they contain valuable information.


Natural Disasters

Natural disasters (Fire, Theft, Power Loss) can easily lead to halts in the operations of organizations, which result in data losses. The initial loss of mission-critical data will be immeasurable unless you have proper data protection and disaster recovery strategies in place.





Your computer is a treasure trove of documents, financial information, entertainment & family memories. Don't let Ransomware or a virus hold you personal data hostage! Anything from an accidentel deletion, theft or fire can be recovered with BackItHere! Protect your data today!